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  • If you are currently a UCSC student, do not complete this form. Instead, please visit the MyUCSC web site to enroll in summer session classes.
  • If you have applied for Readmission (Returning UCSC student), do not complete this form. Work with your college to enroll.
  • If you are an international student, complete this form AND submit required documents by special deadlines. Find all info here.

UCSC 2017 Summer Session Registration

Your registration form will be processed and a student account will be set up in the UCSC student enrollment system, known as AIS. The Summer Session office will send you, via e-mail, your UCSC student ID number and set-up instructions. Please allow 10 business days.

Please complete registration form only once.

Note: This webform is securely transmitted with SSL encryption to protect your private information.

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The Summer Academies are for new UCSC students only.


I understand that Summer Session's acceptance of this registration form does not admit me to a fall, winter, or spring quarter of the University. If I enroll in classes, I obligate myself to pay all tuition and fees charged. I agree to abide by all University rules and regulations. I understand tuition and fees must be paid in full according to the deadlines listed on http://summer.ucsc.edu/.

Cancellation Fee

I have read and understand the policies listed on Summer Session's website at http://summer.ucsc.edu/ regarding enrollment, tuition/fees, and refund deadlines. I understand if I enroll in classes, I must "drop" them on https://my.ucsc.edu/ by the deadline or I am charged full tuition and fees. (1) If I drop all of my classes before the deadline, I will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee. (2) If I do not drop classes before the deadline, I will be charged full tuition and fees.

Registration Fee

The $50.00 registration fee is non-refundable and required to begin processing.